Fracture 10300 - A281 Break
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A281 Break
B282 Burst
C283 Crack
D284 Crash
E285 Detonate
F286 Erupt
G287 Implode
H288 Pierce
J289 Shatter
K290 Smash
L291 Splinter
M292 Tremor
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Article: Fracture 10300
Width: 188 cm - 74 inch Repeat: 25 cm V 10 inch V
Weight: 260 gsm - 9.2 oz.sq.yd
Content: 100% Modal ESD yarn
Range: 12 Colours
Delivery: Ex-stock
CTA Standard: Screen & Wall Panels
Abrasion: n/a
Seam Slippage: n/a
Piling: n/a
Light Fastness: Passes AS 2001.4.21
Flammability: Passes AS 1530.3 AS/NZ.3837 Group 1
Ignitability: Indice 15
Spread of Flame: Indice 0  
Heat Evolved: Indice 0
Smoke Developed: Indice 4
ACT Standard: Panels & Upholstered Walls
ACT Seam Slippage: n/a
ACT Brush Pill: n/a
ACT Light Fastness: Meets AATCC.16.3 Class 4.5
ACT Flammability: Meets ASTM.E84 Class 1orA Flame Spread Index 15 Smoke Developed Index 0
Environmental Impact